Making The Glocal Localized

There is something beautiful happening in terms of the African renaissance globally.

Amongst many other reasons, the growing population of African diaspora is enabling Africa’s music, art and culture to be amplified in ways unimaginable to our parents and grandparents even merely 20 years ago. One doesn’t have to look to far with Hollywood films such as Black Panther and Beyoncé’s recently released album “The Lion King: The Gift” to show the contribution Africa is making in shaping global culture.

But what happens to a continent when we wash away its trauma to focus merely on what it can do for others rather than what has been done to it? How do we embrace the peaks we are now reaching if we cannot discuss and heal from the traumas of our past? Continue reading Making The Glocal Localized

Reflections from the Metropole

I have been living in the metropole aka London for a couple of months now

I am studying in an institution that a couple of decades ago trained colonial administrators

But it is 2019 and formal colonialism ended, no? Continue reading Reflections from the Metropole

To My Afrikan-in-America Comrade

There are power in words
You are not a descendant of slaves
You do not ascend from slavery
You are a descendant of free people who were enslaved
To stop your lineage at the point of disruption is to ignore the continuity of life that persisted through trauma and social death Continue reading To My Afrikan-in-America Comrade


Our mothers cook up revolutions in their kitchens

They do the things we are still struggling to name ourselves

Feminist-ing… Womanist-ing… Empowering the Girl child

How strong does a person need to be to make meaning out of the meaningless, to make love out of the routine, to create value out of the illegitimate

They just need to be a woman

A black radical woman.

————— Continue reading WE WANTED A REVOLUTION: BLACK RADICAL WOMEN,1965-85