This is a communal project that seeks to produce collective knowledge in understanding our history and being more critical about the social issues that affect how we exist within Kenya. This is done through critical workshops, seminars and grassroots collaborations across the country that attract an array of thinkers, artists, and changemakers.

The year is 2017, we have a dictator for President. Our Supreme Court judges lives are threatened. “Luo Lives Matter” is an actual tag.  Maize, our staple food, is more expensive than ever and the biggest infrastructural development is a railroad that will leave in a perpetual state of debt. Everyone but the top 5% and their international partners seem to be thriving under the guise of neoliberal ideologies justified as “Kenya’s Vision 2030”.

We as students, workers, intellectual, creatives and revolutionaries can choose to sit by and do nothing but we all know that is not an option when for many, the difference between life and death may be the name that claims them. The power is within us to create the society we want our future generations to live in and the first step in this process is liberating our minds.

Join us on the path to decolonization, not only from the neocolonialism that plagues our sense of livelihood, but also from the social constructs of the past, that have us bleeding into the future.

Hope to see you at a Changamka seminar happening near you.

Kenya ni Yetu, au sio?

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